A Newsletter for those who Appreciate and Participate in Worship and the Arts

Adoramus Fall 2017
Music That Makes Community / Worship Arts information

Adoramus Fall 2015
Sharing the Peace / Worship & Music Symposium / Hymn Writing

Adoramus Spring 2014
Anglican/Lutheran National Worship Conference – Edmonton

Adoramus Winter 2013
How Does Your Congregation Sing? (Part 2)

Adoramus Summer 2013
How Does Your Congregation Sing?

Adoramus Winter 2012
Hymns Inspire Memorial Service Prayers of the People

Adoramus Winter 2011
Watery Beginnings: The Journey with Children and Youth in Worship

Adoramus Spring 2011
The Steadfast Love of the Lord Never Ceases

Adoramus Fall 2010
Words from the Companion of the Worship Arts, 2010

Adoramus Fall 2009
One Faith Community’s Journey to Using a Projection Screen

Adoramus Spring 2009
Liturgy… telling the story again!

Adoramus Spring 2008
Finding a Music Coordinator… You can meet the challenge

Adoramus Fall 2007
Let Them Sing! … The second in a series of articles on musicals

Adoramus Fall 2006
Let Them Sing! … The first in a series of articles on musicals

Adoramus Spring 2006
Better Tomorrow…”It’s a new year, full of promise. Rejoice in the dance.” Colleen McGinnis

Adoramus Fall 2005
“For the Love of the Journey” Elaine Nelson

Adoramus Summer 2005
“Celebrating the Musical Heritage of the Lutheran Church” Dr. Joy Berg

Adoramus Winter 2005
The LBW and Me… “My Lutheran clothes fit very nicely, thank you!”


Back Issues

Fall 2003
History of Sacred Art & LMP prgram

Summer 2003
History of Sacred Art & children’s time on the Holy Spirit

Spring 2003
Congregational ministry of healing & lesser festivals

Winter 2002
Worship Should Transform Culture, Not Mirror Culture

Fall 2002
When the Bishop leads Worship & assisting ministers

January 2002
Welcome to ELCIC & renewing Worship

September 2001
Pray without ceasing

February 2001
Criteria or evaluating worship & choral reading sessions

Fall 2000
Welcoming children to Worship

Winter 2000
Worship ideas & Worship in a multi-cultural society

February 1999
Reading the lessons in the Church Service