Pulpit Supply Lists

Pastors on the Pulpit Supply List:

By Name:  January 24, 2020 Pulpit Supply Alphabetized

By Location: Pulpit supply list January 24, 2020 – alphabetized by location


Information regarding pulpit supply: ABT Compensation Guidelines 2020

2020 Travel rate set by CRA $0.59/km


Deductions and withholdings may apply to these amounts, depending on the circumstances (including ELCIC pension if they individual is still an active member of the ELCIC pension plan). Consult the CRA guide T4001 for payroll deductions and remittances for statutory requirements.

A T4 slip must be issued if annual remuneration is more than $500.00, or if withholdings (including ELCIC pension) are made.

Contact ELCIC Group Services to determine the pension plan status of the individual. (1-877-352-4247)