Salary and Expense Information 2020

1. ABT Compensation Guidelines 2020

ABT Compensation Guidelines 2020

2. ELCIC Harmonized Benefits

ELCIC Harmonized Benefits 2020

3.  Treasurer’s Handbook Link

Treasurer’s 2019 Handbook (ELCIC website)

4. Housing Allowance

In order for a rostered person to qualify for reduced tax at source they must qualify for the “Clergy Residence Deduction” Persons must submit Form T1213 to CRA in advance and receive written approval from CRA to have their housing allowance excluded from tax withholding by their employer.

Application should be made in October to allow CRA sufficient time to provide a response in advance of the 2020 tax year. A copy of the written approval must be given to the employer to authorize them to exclude the housing allowance from income tax withholding at source.

Application for this reduction is required each year. Persons who receive accommodation (parsonage) rather than a cash allowance ARE NOT required to submit Form T1213.

Here is a link to the fillable form for tax witholding on housing allowances: T1213

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