CLWR Mission, Vision & Values


Inspired by God’s love for humanity, CLWR challenges the causes and responds to the consequences of human suffering and poverty.

As a specialized agency of the Lutheran community in Canada, CLWR offers Canadians opportunities to understand and serve the needs of others.


CLWR strives for a world where people live in peace with hope, justice, dignity and equality, empowered to achieve their universal rights to quality of life and to have their basic needs met.

Partnership and Accountability

Christ calls us all to work together to serve others in their need.

Partnership is fundamental to CLWR, with the principles of understanding, fairness and trust embodied within all activities it undertakes with its stakeholders. In partnerships, CLWR reflects intentional and respectful collaboration, mutuality, accountability and transparency.

Stewardship of Creation

All that we have is a gift from God entrusted to our care and nurture.

CLWR strives to steward God’s gifts in the service of all people, using the resources of the planet sustainably in order to support an abundant life for all.

Compassion and Justice

Our Christian faith calls us to show compassion and seek justice.

CLWR responds in love to people who are suffering unjust or challenging political, social, economic and environmental circumstances.

Dignity and Respect

All human beings are created in God’s image and have value and should be treated through word and action with dignity and respect.

CLWR supports vulnerable individuals and communities in striving for human rights and a sustainable future.


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How we’re adapting with your support – April 30, 2020

While we respond directly to the threat of COVID-19 around the world, we’re also working with our partners to make sure critical ongoing aid projects can continue. Click here to read about some examples of how your support is allowing our partners to adapt and make sure these vital programs aren’t interrupted.