Calgary Interfaith Council

Calgary is blessed by a broad diversity of religious faiths whose origins and history originate from places that span the globe.  These religious communities embrace an equally broad spectrum of ethnicities whose languages, foods, and cultures define Calgary’s international flavour.  The ability of these religions, in particular, to flourish in a setting of respect and dignity is essential for the city’s future.

The Calgary Interfaith Council’s goal is to be the central address and voice of the interfaith community in Calgary.  It seeks to accomplish this goal in the following three ways by:

  • Promoting and modeling respect, understanding, and collaboration among the religious communities of Calgary (through education, dialogue, mutual worship experiences, and social justice),
  • Providing all citizens and organizations in Calgary with resources and information that can help them facilitate better relationships with religious faith communities other than their own,
  • Providing government and media with a single reputable contact for information and communication with and about the various religious communities in Calgary.

The Calgary Interfaith Council is an all-volunteer organization comprised of interested clergy, lay leaders, and representatives of faith institutions and communities.  A Leadership Steering Team oversees the activities and organizational responsibilities of the CIC.  Membership in the CIC is open to clergy, religious lay leaders and religious institutions.

The Calgary Interfaith Council invites you to join us in this exciting interfaith effort to harness the wisdom and good works of Calgary’s religious communities for the greater good of our city.

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