The Joint Anglican-Lutheran Commission (JALC) is a group of individuals from each church who meet twice yearly to explore ways our two churches can work even more closely together in full communion. One example of this growing cooperation is the 2013 Anglican-Lutheran Joint Assembly.

The members of the Joint Anglican-Lutheran Commission are:

Anglican Church of Canada

  • The Very Rev. Peter Wall (co-chair)
  • Bishop Don Phillips
  • The. Rev. Dale Gillman
  • Marion Jenkins
  • The Rev. Canon Rob Towler
  • The Rev. Canon Dr. Scott Sharman (staff)

Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada

  • Brita Chell (co-chair)
  • Deacon Pamela Harrington
  • The Rev. Dr. Allen Jorgenson
  • Bishop Larry Kochendorfer
  • The Rev. Andre Lavergne (staff)

Lutheran-Episcopal Coordinating Committee Partner

  • Bishop Donald Kreiss

Ecumenical Observers

  • Fr. Tim Hingston (Roman Catholic)