Resource Generation Task Force

Resource Generation Task Force

The Resource Generation Task Force was formed at the request of Synod Council in 2021.  Its mandate is to explore creative means of generating funds, and disseminating information regarding investment in the ABT Synod now and in/for the future.

Find some varied resources below:
Some interesting blogs, look for the “Stewardship in a Box” and the “Funding Forward”.  “An impactful stewardship program that’s theologically grounded and easy to implement”
Author and speaker from Eastern Canada.  She wrote of a very good book on stewardship entitled: Growing a Generous Church  A year in the life of Peach Blossom Church. Would be a good read for a church or a stewardship committee to read.
A short but very powerful book on the spirituality of stewardship.
They say:  “We launched Rooted Good so faith based organizations can align money and mission, reclaim their relevance in a changing world and be the church the world needs  today
As they say in the website: “…fosters a deeper understanding of the dynamic relationship between faith and giving, through research, education, and public conversation”  An excellent resource backed by considerable research.  Has connections to the Lilly Foundation.
Link to the United Church of Canada and has some good resources.  It is worthwhile “wandering around this website”.
Here is a link to a very good video from the Lake Institute, and I would encourage all of you to take some time to watch it.  It’s long, but inspirational!  Below is the link to the video.  Scroll down to the bottom of the page and it is the William Enright discussion.


May 7, 2024- Hosanna, Edmonton has a planned giving program which might interest you. Details can be found by watching the video or browsing the information provided by Charitus, one of their ministry partners.
Watch the video from last summer’s planned giving presentation (including Kathryn Smith from ELFEC (now Charitus), Pastor James Hendricksen and John Campbell).
Feel free to share the information with congregations who might be looking for a place to start with planned giving.
Here is the link:

January 11, 2024 – Planned Giving online Event – Watch all or individual presentations from this event

Synod’s Vision and Planned Giving – the entire event
Bishop Larry’s Vision
Charitus – Kathryn Smith January 2024
Paul Ellison (ABT treasurer)
Planned Giving – Beth and Dick Olver

Video:  Resource Generation Task Force – July 2021

Resource Generation Task Force Report to the 2021 Synod Convention

“The task force will be responsible to investigate various methods the synod may undertake to generate additional sources of revenue. These may include but are not limited to:

  • New and creative ways to increase benevolence remittance to congregations (and the synod)
  • Review the current stewardship program and materials, and make recommendations on their use
  • Revisit planned giving and suggest new approaches and opportunities to receive bequests
  • Expand cash flows by exploring outside revenue through social enterprise, use of land, or other innovative revenue-generating activity that may or may not flow through a local church or the Alberta Synod’s giving base.”