Spirit-Led Leadership



SPIRIT-LED LEADERSHIP is characterized by trust in the Holy Spirit who “calls us through the Gospel, enlightens us with gifts, sanctifies and keeps us in true faith.”


A. Listening and discernment are modelled by enabling leaders to cultivate a vision for mission and use the gifts entrusted to them by the Holy Spirit.

B. Lay and Rostered leaders are equipped and empowered to practice the disciplines of Biblical study, prayer, spiritual direction, and Dwelling in the Word.

C. Faithful, accountable and wise disciples mentor, encourage, and mutually equip the body of Christ.

D. Innovative organizational structures, governance models, and approaches to conflict resolution will reflect the incarnational presence of Jesus.

E. Candidates for rostered ministry, who hear the call to serve God in the church, are identified, mentored and provided with support and information.

F. Lay and rostered leaders are encouraged to practice a humble openness to God’s activities in the world around them.