Collaborative Partnerships

COLLABORATIVE PARTNERSHIPS reflect the communion of saints and the interconnected nature of the Triune God as witness to the restoration, redemption and reconciliation of the world.


A. Listening to the Spirit’s leadership we are intentional in developing deeper relationships, sharing of resources, and partnership ministries within Areas of the Synod.

B. Seeking justice and mercy, ministries collaborate in ventures of service with other groups and agencies to express God’s grace and love.

C. Serving with the Anglican Church of Canada whenever possible, and strengthening connections to ecumenical and interfaith partnerships, witnessing mutual respect and good stewardship.

D. We express and develop a culture of caring conversations, encouragement, hopeful opportunity, and accountability.

E. Creative and co-operative experiments are initiated and supported throughout the Synod.

F. We work with congregations and ministries of the Synod, other Synods, the ELCIC, and through the ELCIC with International partners.

G. We will focus on abiding in right relations with Indigenous Peoples.

H. We walk with and learn from our Companion Synod, The Evangelical Lutheran Church of Colombia (IELCO).


Book Recommendations on Collaborative Partnerships