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In Mission with El Salvador / “En Misión con El Salvador” 

Since 2013 The Rev. Dr. Brian Rude has served as a deployed staff member of the Synod of Alberta and the Territories in El Salvador through In Mission with El Salvador / “En Misión con El Salvador”. Pastor Brian’s ministry began in 1988 and is one of accompaniment with the church and people of El Salvador.

Easter New Life – April 12, 2020

I haven’t set up an altar at home.

My home surrounds me with altars–Easter altars.

Anyone who is half a gardener would have a hard time denying the resurrection. New life abounds. New life springs up, quietly, unannounced, waiting to be found, waiting to be celebrated, waiting to renew our faith, waiting to teach us lessons of life, new life–and rainy season hasn’t even started yet!

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Christmas Message 2019 Emmanuel

December 4, Advent Eschatology

Advent has arrived.

The word for the season, it seems, is “escatología”.

In mid-November, in the midst of the 30th annual commemoration of the Jesuit priests’ martyrdom here at the UCA in San Salvador, today’s Jesuits were reflecting on the theme chosen for this year: “El Sentido Escatalógico de la Iglesia”–“The Eschatological Sense of the Church”. They drew on San Romero’s reflections on escatología: on the Exodus, leading to liberation; on the Bablyonian exile, leading to the homecoming of God’s people to the promised land of Israel; and on contemporary times, God’s people still longing for, struggling toward, and sometimes celebrating, liberation.

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October 19, 2019 Building our future

“Greta has come to Montreal and Edmonton.
Greta has spoken in Montreal and Edmonton.

“Make the Americas Greta Always–MAGA,” I say (hey, why not the entire planet?).

Elections are coming to Montreal and Edmonton–well, to all of Canada, including to us globally-scattered ex-pats–once again, PM Trudeau says.

Heady days, no? Are we being asked to put our mark on the course of history? Even re-direct history, perhaps? Uff da.

Some wonder whether we should just stick to being concerned about the homeless, making sure they have shelter, food and clothing. As with the poor, oil and gas will always be with us, they say. Such essential energy sources probably won’t have any impact on us, our future, or our planet, they optimistically insist, not taking seriously what Greta has learned from science….”

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Building Our Future Oct 2019 Brian Rude

July 12, 2019

“Ministry–openness to ministry–can take one in some unexpected directions, without one even trying or searching. For several years now, I have been lamenting the closing of prison gates to ministry with prison inmates throughout the prison system of El Salvador, due especially to increasingly punitive and repressive government policies (if you can imagine). I am able to link with some inmate friends outside prison walls, through varying cultural and sports and artisan events, or with some who are at some level of parole, and thus free to leave their prison spaces briefly. Some of these have been friends for decades within the prison system, collaborating with our programs and engaging in regular conversation.” To read more click on the evolving ministry link:

Evolving Ministry. July 2019

June 16, 2019

Brian Rude June 16, 2019 FAREWELL

Easter Victory, 2019

Easter Victory Brian Rude April 2019

Good Friday Crosses (Good Friday 2019)

In my San Salvador neighbourhood, we commemorate annually the martyrdom of the Roman Catholic parish priest and four of the youth members, assassinated while celebrating a weekend retreat during the war of the 80s. Three years ago, another youth was assassinated during the Good Friday evening “Santo Entierro”–Holy Burial–procession. So we commemorate not only Jesus’s divine crucifixion, but also these human crucifixions since then, so many too recently.

Two well-known Salvadoran Jesuit liberation theologians–Ellacuría, one of the Jesuit priests martyred on 16 Nov., 1989, and Sobrino, who survived that massacre because he was in Thailand at the time–write and speak passionately about our Jesus-following mission being to take God’s crucified people down from their crosses. That is a never-ending mission–certainly in El Salvador, but also globally.

It is becoming a more urgent ministry in so many places in recent years–the U.S.A., Brazil, the Canadian provinces of Ontario and Alberta–as care-less governments prioritize the economy, mostly for the benefit of the wealthy–“growth,” “development,” “GDP”–over God’s creation, which is crucified mercilessly and endlessly: human beings (especially the vulnerable); flora and fauna; air, water, soil.

So many crosses.

So many Good Fridays.


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