Medicine Hat College

George Koopmans

Medicine Hat College Chaplain Appointed

On 20 January, 2022, the Board of the Medicine Hat Ecumenical College Ministry Society unanimously acclaimed the Interim Chaplain, Pastor George Koopmans, as the new Chaplain. George brings a wealth of pastoral experience to the position together with his years as a member of our Board. He fully understands and endorses the spiritual and comfort care afforded by an ecumenical chaplaincy in an academic setting.

In late 2021, George served as Interim Chaplain. In this time he won the welcome and acceptance of faculty, students, and College administration. He quickly resumed those programs that had been implemented by his predecessors such as an informal weekly coffee meetings in the Interfaith Room, the bi-monthly soup lunch, and snacks for students during exam week. In addition, he has established a prayer group and is working on a student retreat to the Cypress Hills. He has expressed personal satisfaction with a return to in-person instruction on campus. George’s special expertise is interpersonal relations.

As a former Pastor in the Christian Reformed Church, the new chaplain has a natural bridge to both traditional and evangelical churches. He is a trusted member of both communities. There is the hope that his visits to local churches with stories from this ministry will increase support and lead to an expansion of the chaplain’s time allocation.

Time of Prayer
The weekly Time of Prayer session offered in the Interfaith Room (F155) on Mondays has been extended. It now runs from 12:05 until 12:25 p.m. to allow more time for sharing concerns and for prayer. Please contact Chaplain George with any questions or concerns  by email at

Booking Appointments

Campus Hours
Monday to Thursday: 9 a.m. – 2 p.m.
(Emails, calls and texts accepted until 4p.m.)

Chaplain George may be contacted for appointments: