Lethbridge University

Chaplain Erin Phillips

The University of Lethbridge Ecumenical Campus Ministry is a ministry of the Anglican, Evangelical Lutheran, Presbyterian and United Churches to the students, staff and faculty of the University of Lethbridge.

Chaplain Erin Phillips organizes social activities, provides spiritual support and hosts opportunities for study and worship. She can be reached by dropping by the Chaplains’ Office in Markin Hall (M4054), by calling 403-382-0294, or by emailing her at phillips@uleth.ca.

Video Link

The video link is on the work being done by Chaplain Erin Phillips, University of Lethbridge, and the help of many others, including the Compassionate Justice Grant through our ABT Synod.
Update December 2019: Thanks Larry for sharing our news in the Wednesday newsletter!  A further update – all four are now up and stocked.  Faculty and community members have started putting food in.  I presented with the SU president at all three governance meetings of the uni and with the alumni association they contributed about $3000 for food.  Facilities isn’t charging us for building the pantries either so all of our compassionate justice grant will go to pay the student who is working on this and for food!  We’ve done multiple food runs because food has flown out of them.  The one outside counselling is especially popular (the one in the picture).  Our food bank use is way up too this year.  Only one will be accessible over the holidays so we are making sure it is very well stocked this Friday before much of the campus is shut down in case residence students need some help over the holidays.

The university also put this video together to promote our food security initiatives.  This term has been the most amazing time of cooperation with the university.  It has been so incredible!

Chaplain Erin Phillips, University of Lethbridge