Prayer for Peace

Service of Prayer for Peace

On November 19, 2023, an ecumenical service of prayer for peace, was held in Camrose, at Bethel Lutheran.    Worship was led by Pastor Craig Wentland (Chaplain at Augustana), Pastor Deborah Ann Taylor (Bethel, Camrose), Pastor Trina Holmberg (Moravian Pastor serving St. Mary Anglican, Ponoka), and Pastor Jeff Decelle (Messiah, Camrose).

This prayer wall played a part in the service, with attendees lighting tea lights during the service.  Pastor Deborah Ann Taylor (Bethel) explains, “The 32 large candles on the top level of the prayer wall represent the 32 armed conflicts in the world today. The smaller candles in glass holders below them represent groups and organizations working for peace. The tea lights were placed by those present as a sign of their commitment to work and pray for peace.”

A copy of the service used at Bethel is available here for use in other congregations: