Joining in God’s Mission

God’s Spirit is calling us to something new.

Mission is the nature, not a purpose of gathered believers, and calls congregations and ministries into truth and integrity.

God reveals the way we are to follow, to join in God’s work each day and we are called to do so with the expectation that God is present.

God’s mission is not what has worked in the past, but is according to God’s plan, and calls us to faithfulness.

God’s work in the world is particular and contextual in community and is not a system or program to be imported from somewhere else. We are called to obey where and when God leads.                              

God continues to redeem and restore the world, establishing the here and not yet kingdom of God and calling the world to relationships of repentance and forgiveness.

Together in community, through discernment of God’s word and prayer, the Holy Spirit inspires the church into new ways of living, instead of depending on experts and best practices. This calls us to surrender to and trust in Jesus Christ.

Joining God Resources 2018