Ministry Resources

Here are some youth ministry ideas and resources that youth leaders have recommended:

  • Sell hoodies and T-shirts with your congregation’s name on them; not a lot of work and good profits.
  • Have a chocolate extravaganza – invite people in your congregation to make a chocolate dessert in conjunction with another event in your church. Tickets can be sold for the program and/or a free-will offering can be taken.
  • “Way to Live: Christian Practices for Teens” by Dorothy Bass and Don Richter (for teens)
  • “Practicing Our Faith: A Way of Life for a Searching People” by Dorothy Bass (for adults)
  • “Frogs Without Legs Can’t Hear” Nurturing Disciples in Home and Congregation” by David Anderson and Paul Hill; published by Augsburg.
  • Do a car rally – youth love them
  • Have youth draw a Christmas caption/scene/impressions for a card. Pick the best drawings and mass produce the art work into Christmas cards. Sell them in sets or single cards to your congregation.
  • Give youth the responsibility for leading the Easter Vigil – call Karen at Trinity Lutheran, Edmonton for ideas and resources for this – 780, 433-6623.
  • Have a ‘Mud Bowl’ – get the volunteer fire department to soak a playing field with water and play various team games on the field.
  • Comfy Couch Video Car Rally – each team will need an old donated couch, video camera and a truck. Youth video themselves on this old couch in various locations – i.e. at a drive-thru, farmer’s field, police station, swimming pool… .
  • Simulated refugee camp – the Canadian Lutheran World Relief (CLWR) website has a number of useful mission projects and ideas on it that teach youth of the needs and resources of other countries
  • Make ’empty tomb buns for an Easter Fund raiser – Roll a marshmallow in butter, then cinnamon/sugar; wrap the marshmallow in bread dough. When it is baked, the marshmallow melts, leaving a hollow bun.
  • Cook a meal and invite the congregation – used as an expression of service.
  • Another service project – work together with quilters from the congregation to make quilts for Canadian Lutheran World Relief; youth can help by cutting out the squares and hand-basting.
  • Do a ‘Drime’ – this is drama to music
  • Use movies such as ‘Pay it Forward’ as a lead in to discussions about faith.
  • Point Maker Devotions for Youth Ministry: Helping Kids Develop Personal Character from Group Publishers