Planned Giving


Not-for-profit organizations such as hospitals, schools and health organizations are extremely active in making a case for middle-class and wealthy people to include their agency in their wills.

“The church is reluctant to put its needs forward and ask for bequests. The church must get off its duff on this issue. We need to see that strong planned giving programs are in place across the churches. Financial planners, estate planners, lawyers, and tax advisers can be a great help. We can make a difference in tomorrow’s world and church.”
Loren B. Mead, “Financial Meltdown in the Mainline?”


Are You Willing to Die Without a Will?
Consider the consequences if you don’t make a will. The government will make the decisions on your behalf.pdf

Children and Wills
Leaving a gift to the church does not mean disinheriting the children. It’s a question of finding the right balance between family and church. pdf

The Bequest
A bequest can be one of the easiest, simplest and least expensive ways of making a planned gift to the church.pdf

RRIFs and Gifts
Did you know that RRSPs or RRIFs are only tax deferrals? Every dollar contributed to or earned in a registered plan will eventually be taxed. Any money left in the plan is added to other income in the year of death and could push the deceased income to the highest tax bracket. This means that up to half of the estate could be paid out in income tax. pdf

Gifting the RRIF
Some would say “I’d rather give the money to the church than have 40% of it paid in income taxes.” pdf

Endowments: Providing for the Future
An endowment is a fund of money that is invested to produce an income. The principal is preserved indefinitely to provide a permanent and growing source of revenue. pdf

What We Lived For
“Why do people want to be remembered for what they died of rather than what theylived for?” pdf

A Faith Preamble to Your Will
Along with the material blessings that you leave with your loved ones when you die, you are invited to reflect on the importance of your faith in preparing your will. pdf

Sample Bequest Clauses
A sample of bequest clauses when naming your congregation as a beneficiary. pdf