Bulletin Inserts

Bulletin Inserts

The bulletin inserts listed can be printed, photocopied and inserted in your Sunday bulletins. They are designed with three on a page for photocopying and cutting.

Or you may reproduce them to insert in your newsletters or Sunday bulletin.

With newer versions of Adobe Reader you are able to copy the text to insert in your newsletter or bulletin, rather than re-typing. To download the latest free version, click here: Adobe Reader

Stewardship is taught one step at a time. Inserting stewardship stories in your newsletters or bulletins is one way to educate members in “What is Stewardship?”

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Lent…What’s it about?
What’s it really about? What are we living for? Are my values Godly values? Is the way I spend my precious, infinite minutes of life really the best? And what does God want from me anyway? Ash Wednesday asks and answers all these questions. Specifically the part of Ash Wednesday when the pastor makes two swipes of a dirty thumb across my forhead and says, “Remember, human, that you are dust, and to dust you shall return.” pdf

Our Stuff
We are drowning in our stuff and struggling to find new places to stash it. The aim of advertising is to make us discontent with what we have and make us want more. When is enough enough for us? Does our stuff make us happy? How does our stuff impact creation and people of other countries? pdf

His Great Love for Us

“I started thinking about all the ways that God has blessed me and what a wonderful life God has given me. Then I started thinking about how little I give to the church….” God doesn’t want us to feel small or guilty. God wants us to know the truth about his great love for us. pdf

What Does God Expect From Us?
As Christians we use a popular term “stewardship.” When we hear that word we expect that our leaders want us to give something. It is a word that is often associated with “tithe,” “generosity,” and “money.” While these associations are not wrong, stewardship means much more than simply giving time, talent, and treasure. pdf

The Electic Train
What get’s more attention from us; our Father’s gift of life in Jesus Christ or the quickly wrapped department store gifts from family and friends? pdf

Time to Start Wasting Time
Is there a fundamental problem with how our culture treats stewardship of time? It’s as if every second has to be invested in doing something, lest it be a “waste of time.”pdf

From the Hand of God
“I grew up disliking the word “stewardship” because often I heard people grumble about giving, about how much to give, and complain about the church’s annual ‘pledge drive.'” Thankfully, many people have changed their view of “stewardship” by discovering the scriptural definition of “stewardship” and its accompanying principles.pdf

Stay Healthy
How are you meeting your spiritual need? How are you nourishing your soul? Spiritual health needs our constant attention, especially in summer. When we go on vacation, it’s easy to go on vacation from God, as well. pdf

What is a Steward to do?
Exactly what is a steward to do? You may be familiar with a wine steward and his job. How does it relate to our Christian life and what does it mean to be stewards of our time and talent? Is OUR time really OUR time? pdf

Celebrate Easter!
Like children, we would rather concentrate on the positive, happy things like spring, bunnies, chicks, candy and coloured eggs, than the suffering and sacrifice Jesus made for each one of us on the cross. As a steward entrusted with gifts and good news of a risen Christ, what might we do in response? pdf

What makes people happy?
Although many studies have been done on this subject happiness is a complex concept. However researchers found that giving and generosity brings a wealth of personal satisfaction, social respect, happiness and divine blessing. pdf

The Gift Crisis
How are you and your family coping with the gift crisis this Christmas? Never heard of the gift crisis? Tsk, tsk. Denial is the first sign of trouble. pdf

Will Our Children Be Stewards?
The answer relies largely on the level of stewardship conversation that we have with the adults and children in our congregations. The church has a tremendous opportunity and responsibility, to create a culture of generosity that teaches a proportional perspective between earning, giving, saving and spending money. pdf

What’s All the Fuss About?
In Jesus’ parables about money, he does not say that money is a bad thing. He is not telling us we will be happy if we are poor and sad if we are rich. Nor is he telling us that it is wrong to be rich and right to be poor. pdf

God Provides Abundantly
What is mine is mine ONLY because God has given it to me. Reflect on your life. Think of ways that God provides “daily and abundantly” for you. pdf

Called to Adventure
When an adult bird knows it’s time for its babies to fly, it starts to push. It gets to the point it becomes more painful for the little bird to hold on than to let go. Some of us look pathetic clinging to the dead branches of this world. God is calling you today to let go. pdf

Pity Me!
I need your pity because I probably won’t get much from the 1.1 billion people in the world who lack safe, clean drinking water…. We are so used to peace, freedom, plentiful food and safe water that we forget what blessings they really are. pdffile

Pray and Plan
This is a really good time to evaluate what we have done during the past year. Did our life and work reap eternal results? It’s the time of year we should assess the results of our work and consider whether we have made the most of our time, talent, experience and treasure. pdf

Portion Control
In a nation that revels in the “all-you-can-eat” mentality, we can all use lessons in “portion control” in all areas of our lives. pdf

How is God calling You to respond?
The questions you ask yourself shape the way you think about money and possessions. What questions are you asking as you think about what you will give? pdf

“Do Not Be Afraid”
If we want to learn to give generously, we need to experience a little fear. As we learn to trust God in small situations, we will trust God with our finances, too. pdf

“Lessons of the Depression”
It’s time to focus on what’s really important in life and to value the everyday blessings for what they are. pdf

Rest is essential to our life. Without rest we canot sustain the energy needed to have life. The practice of Sabbath is designed to restore us – a gift of time. pdf

“Time’s a-wastin'”
The real issue is not the length of life or the number of hours and minutes God gives us. The basic question is how do we use the time a generous God gives to us? pdf

“Take Back Christmas”
Have you ever asked your children or spouse what they wanted for Christmas? And in turn did they ask you the same thing? Instead of wracking our brains to think of something we don’t need, take back Christmas. pdf

“Are You an Owner or a Renter?”
Does your church have mostly ‘renters’ or ‘owners’? pdf

“Money – Biblical?”
Did you know that Jesus spoke more about money and possessions than prayer, faith or love? pdf

“Potato Chips”
Too often we underestimate the power of a touch, a smile, a kind word, a listening ear, an honest compliment, or the smallest act of caring, all of which have the potential to turn a life around. Caring for others is part of our stewardship. pdf

“So-o-o Many Gifts”
The need to give is a gift. God is a giver and we are created in the image of God. But unless we make giving a priority, unless we practice the spiritual discipline of giving of our first fruits, too often our needs – or more accurately, our greed – takes a bite out of our giving. pdf

“Coloured Eggs and Bunnies”
Like Easter, there is much more to stewardship, and we are challenged to see the whole picture about both. If we focus too narrowly on one idea, we may lose track of the real meaning of both stewardship and Easter. pdf

“Our Budget – Is it a Faith Statement?”
What does your church’s annual budget represent? Is it a proud menu of the hopes, dreams and missionary ministries your congregation wants to accomplish? Or is it a life-support prescription for how the congregation expects to pay the bills. If an outsider looked at your budget, what would he or she conclude about your congegation’s faith?pdf

“Christmas Wish Lists”
For many families Christmas is a time of great stress between the Gospel message and the message of the marketplace. We want to teach our children to be generous yet every commercial they see encourages them to expand their “Wish List.” How can we counter this culture of consumerism? pdf

“Actually…What is Stewardship?”
Stewardship is more than money, it’s not just about how we spend our income, but how we spend our life. pdf

“Foundations for Stewardship”
Six topics that give a foundation for stewardship. pdf

“First Fruits”
We offer with joy and thanksgiving what you have first given us. pdf

“Plant Big Potatoes”
If we want big potatoes, we have to plant big potatoes. If we want to become mature disciples we have to make an investment in the growing process. pdf

“The Most Compelling Reason”
I need to give offerings to retain a healthy faith, not just because it helps the church financially. pdf

“And it Was So”
A reminder to bring your offerings to church before leaving on vacation. pdf

“Give More – Live Longer”
Researchers have found that giving enhances life and promotes longevity. The form of giving is not important. pdf

“Does Your Giving Matter?”
Do you think God knows what we give? Do you think he cares? pdf

“I am Glad my Church needs Money”
If my church didn’t need money it would mean it wasn’t preaching the Gospel, and more. pdf

“A Matter of Perspective”
Funny how $20 looks so big when you take it to church…and so small when you take it to the store. pdf

“Round Tuits Now Available for Church Members”
By giving every member of your congregation their own round tuit, your church should really begin to move forward.pdf

“Financial Fasting”
For stewards, maybe financial fasting is a way to cast out the demon of over consumption. pdf


“Gift of Time”
In one study, folks who volunteered just over half an hour a week lived eight years longer than those who didn’t. Doing a good deed gives you a brighter outlook and even lowers your blood pressure! pdf

“Three Good Reasons”
Before you say no when asked to volunteer in your church, think about some reasons why you should say yes. pdf

“Parable of the Dead Church”
The church isn’t perfect but it is still God’s chosen vessel for sharing the “good news.”pdf


“Growing a Stronger Faith”
Must we have great faith in order to tithe? Usually it is the opposite. pdf

“Give it a Try”
Learning to tithe is something like learning to ride a bike. pdf

“How to Slice a Banana”
Dividing your income is something like slicing a banana. pdf

What a Horrible Dream!”
I dreamed that the Lord took my weekly contribution to the church, multiplied it by ten, and turned this amount into my weekly income. pdf

“I am Your Offering”
Much ministry in the congregation and church at large are possible through my offering.pdf

It sounds like this could be a combination to a lock. Perhaps it actually is. Only in this case the lock is to successful and satisfying management of our financial resources. pdf


“Giving Made Easy”
Always getting behind in your giving? Automatic giving is an excellent way to establish a consistent giving base. Consider giving through PAR or POP. pdf

“Are You on PAR or POP?”
Donating through pre-authorized remittance affirms that my church is one of my priorities. pdf


What will happen with your financial affairs when you are gone? Where will your money go? Have you considered a gift to the church? How do you give and how much? pdf

“Does Your Will Reflect Your Faith?”
What kind of a faith statement have you left for your loved ones in your will?” pdf