Social Ministry: Water


Alberta Lutherans: Called to be Stewards of Alberta’s Water
A growing population, drought, low river water flows, and toxic contamination
mean that Alberta is facing a water crisis. The provincial government is
currently reviewing our water allocation system and seems likely to implement
a system based not on human needs (food production, drinking, cooking, cleaning),
but on profit and an antiquated “first come, first served” basis. Now is the time to
give input to the government review.


Who has the right to water in Alberta and what changes are needed so that
families, ecosystems and future generations are ensured access to clean water?

At the Synod Convention, June 2010, a workshop on this issue was presented.
Sheila Muxlow (Sierra Club) brought extensive knowledge of the current situation.
Sierra Club is asking for our help with a postcard campaign to the provincial


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Sierra Club Postcard


Backgrounder on the issue (pdf, 2 pages)


Sample Letter to adapt and send to your MP and to Environment Minister Hon. Rob Renner