Social Ministry

“We are guided by a vision rooted in the gospel, and we will strive to raise awareness of the root causes of social needs and injustices and encourage actions of compassion, advocacy, and social change. We will work through a process of action/reflection to:
1) encourage and enable local grass roots level initiatives for social concern and action, and
2) enable people/groups to be aware of the links and parallels between local and broader communities.”

Social Ministry Announcements:

Federal Election Resource – 2015
For people of faith, religious convictions are not purely a private matter. Values, justice principles and moral commitments inform all our actions. They guide us when we speak to politicians and when we vote on election day. Similarly, candidates representing political parties who arrive on our doorsteps or at our community centres speak from their principles and convictions when they ask for our votes.

This election resource has been prepared by several ecumenical organizations in Canada to inform and challenge all who are participating in the 2015 federal election. It identifies a range of priority issues, offers sample questions you can ask of candidates, and provides links to resources where you can learn more about these particular issues. We invite you to use this resource to:

• think through your own election priorities;
• call a group together to prepare for meetings with candidates;
• go deeper into issues you care about and work on them with others;
• organize and participate in all-candidates meetings in your riding.



For birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas or any occasion:

This year, give a gift that will truly change a life!

CLWR has released a brochure that allows you to give a gift that warms the hearts of family and friends while helping those in need elsewhere in the world. Click to see the gifts.