LCM-Edmonton 60th Anniversary

Lutheran Campus Ministry
60 Year Anniversary/25 Year Anniversary

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On Saturday, March 12th, Lutheran Campus Ministry – Edmonton celebrated 60 years of ministry at the University of Alberta with a banquet and program at Trinity Lutheran, Edmonton. In addition, the 25th year of ministry for Rev. Richard Reimer as Campus Chaplain at the U of A was celebrated.

With his permission, we have published the speech Richard shared during the celebration program, below.

“God in the Quad,”

Presented by Rev. Richard Reimer,

Lutheran Chaplain, University of Alberta

60th Anniversary Friends of Lutheran Campus Ministry-Edmonton Banquet

Saturday, March 12, Luther Centre, Trinity Lutheran Church, Edmonton


In my undergraduate studies at the University of Alberta, I minored in philosophy. To quote comedian Steve Martin, I learned just enough to screw me up for the rest of my life!

For instance, I came across the musings of George Berkeley on reality.  What is really real?  How do we know it’s real and not an illusion?

His answer:  we can only know that, say, a tree in the university’s Quad is real because we perceive it.  But then the question, what happens when we’re not there to perceive it?  Is it still there?


This is serious stuff folks! Oil prices have plummeted. Think of the economic impact to our lumber industry if whole forests of timber disappeared when we look the other way!   Berkeley’s solution was that the tree remains because always perceived, in the infinite mind of God.  His loophole was mocked in a limerick (cf. Ronald Knox) from which this talk gets its title:

There was young man who said, ‘God

Must think it exceedingly odd

If he finds that this tree

Continues to be

When there’s no one about in the Quad.’



Dear Sir:

Your astonishment’s odd:

I am always about in the Quad.

And that’s why the tree

Will continue to be,

Since observed by

Yours faithfully,

GOD. (1)


God is in the Quad.  But I don’t believe that because of some limerick.  I believe it from my experience.

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