Campus Ministry

Participate in Campus Ministry Sunday Fall 2019

Dear Pastor, Parish Worker, or Administrator:

We are writing to ask that your congregation support our synod’s campus ministries by holding a Campus Ministry Sunday this fall. On this Sunday, campus ministry would be highlighted during worship, and the loose offering would be designated for it—across the synod, or for a particular campus ministry. You may include special prayers, a bulletin insert, a postcard, or even have a guest presentation. We have enclosed the materials necessary to hold such a Sunday.

Why hold a Campus Ministry Sunday? Campus ministry excels at supporting young adults during a crucial, formative time in their lives, when they wrestle with questions of identity, vocation, and the challenges and opportunities of post-secondary education. In campus ministry, students are engaged head and heart and make life-long connections with Christ and other Christians. They are also prepared to live out their calling to be disciples of Christ in many different positions in society. Did you know that campus ministries are one of the main places where people without a church background are reached with the Gospel?

Your congregation’s participation in this annual appeal is vital to supporting this synod-wide ministry. It’s a ministry that no congregation could do alone, but together we cover seven Alberta campuses in five cities, served by five part-time or full-time chaplains.

Congregations benefit greatly from this investment. Many lay leaders, as well as many of our pastors and deacons, have emerged out of campus ministries. Also, in an age where almost everybody goes to college or university, it is in the interest particularly of rural congregations that their young adults are looked after spiritually when they leave home to go to school.

If you would like to invite a guest speaker for your Campus Ministry Sunday, please contact us. Many thanks for your support, and may God bless your congregation.

Andrea Wilhelm,

for the Synod Campus Ministry Team

Richard Reimer, Kathie Schmitke, Margaret Propp, Kevin Powell, Craig Wentland, Sara Smith, Carolyn Anderson, Kristy Reimers-Loader, Les Pearson, Erin Phillips, Allan Besplug, Prema Samuel

P.S. If you know someone who recently started at one of the campuses we serve, we invite you to refer them to the respective chaplain.

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Campus Ministry is a valuable and important ministry of the Synod of Alberta and the Territories and its congregations and individual members.

Currently ministry is offered at five post-secondary institutions: Augustana Chaplaincy – University of Alberta, Camrose; University of Alberta, Edmonton; University of Calgary, Calgary; the Ecumenical Campus Ministry, Lethbridge at the University of Lethbridge and Lethbridge College, as well as the Ecumenical Campus Ministry at Medicine Hat College, Medicine Hat.