Continuing Education – Rostered Leaders

ELCIC’S Professional Leadership
Continuing Education Plan (CEP)

Equipping, Challenging, Refreshing Professional Leaders in the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada

The Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada (ELCIC) encourages high standards for its professional leaders. The Continuing Education Plan (CEP) of the ELCIC, under the direction of the Program Committee for Leadership for Ministry (PCLM), offers the means by which pastors, diaconal ministers, and lay professional leaders may:

  • Develop present knowledge and skills
  • Acquire new knowledge and skills
  • Experience growth for more effective ministry.

A seperate account is maintained for each individual, where member contributions, employer/congregation contributions and education disbursements are recorded.

Continuing education can be done through workshops, classes, retreats, guided groups, individual coaching and spiritual direction. Whatever the format; continuing education should be planned to further an individual’s goal for ministry and to serve the congregation or agency’s goals for mission. 

Members of the CEP plan are eligible to apply for Long Term Study grants for study towards an advanced degree. Applications are due January 15 each year.

As of July 2017, the ELCIC Program Committee for Leadership for Ministry has recently implemented a few changes to the Continuing Education Program (CEP) expense reimbursement forms that we would like to make you aware of.

Short Term Study – only you and your Employer are now required to sign the updated form (the Bishop’s signature is no longer required). Submit your completed form directly to GSI in Winnipeg.

Advanced Study (formerly Long-Term Study) – Applicable to Grant Recipients only – page two (skills addressed) has been added to the updated form. Submit your completed form directly to GSI. We will forward it on to PCLM for review and signature.

Your CEP expense reimbursement request form can be submitted directly to Group Services (the Bishop’s signature is no longer required) by mail, email or fax. Email them at:

Outside of Winnipeg call toll free 1-877-352-4247 // Fax 204-984-9179

To allow GSI to process your requests in a timely manner, please ensure that you have fully completed the form and included all pertinent back up information and receipts. It is very important that you indicate the number of study hours applicable and the skills addressed (page two). This information will be used to compile reports which help the ELCIC understand member education goals and will be sent annually to your Synod Bishop for review. A summary of the education events you have attended will also be included on your CEP statement.

The CEP program is administered through Group Services Inc. Further information on the program can be found on their CEP Application Form