Candidacy Committee – Student Information and Forms

Once you have begun your education and are endorsed by the Candidacy Committee:

The following forms are required from students during each year of study. Please contact your relator if you have any questions about filling them out.

Financial aid is granted to ministry candidates who are:

  • currently endorsed by the Candidacy Committee
  • attending a seminary or enrolled in long distance courses at an educational institution approved by the Candidacy Committee, (with consultation from LTS)
  • in good academic standing, as defined in the  LTS Student Handbook

Financial aid is granted to Diaconal candidates enrolled in accredited courses and working towards completion of their Diaconal Diploma.

The Candidacy Committee distributes financial aid twice per academic year. Depending on the monies available, the candidate may receive the cost of seminary tuition or other courses as approved through the process outlined above.

Students, before you fill it in, please save the following form to your computer, then open. If you have not set up a digital signature, you will have to print your form, sign, and then scan and email, or fax it to the Synod office. 

SOS-Document-tuition-subsidy-form-Aug 2019 update-fillable-1

In order for your relator to best assist you, and to ensure that tuition subsidy cheques and information you need for your tax returns reaches you in a timely manner, it is important that the Synod office has current contact information for each student. 

We ask that you please fill out the following information and submit whenever any of your contact information changes:
Candidacy Committee – Student Contact Information form