Candidacy Committee

Who is the Candidacy Committee?
The Candidacy Committee (formerly known as the Committee for Theological Education and Leadership – CTEL) is made up of lay people and clergy who help to provide assistance and encouragement to candidates who feel called to diaconal or ordained ministry.

How does the Candidacy Committee get involved?
Once candidates have decided to explore a call to ministry, they should get in touch with their Synod. They will be sent a registration packet and when all the requirements of the registration packet have been completed and sent back to the Synod office these documents are passed on the Candidacy Committee.

How does the Candidacy Committee relate to a candidate?
Once the Candidacy Committee has received the documents the candidate is assigned a relator from the committee. The relator and the candidate work together to discern the candidate’s readiness to enter the candidacy process and begin theological education.

When can a candidate expect to hear from their relator?
The Candidacy Committee meets three times a year; February/March, May/June and in September/October. When the registration has been received, a candidate can expect to hear from their relator after the next meeting. For example, if the forms are sent to the Synod office in April the candidate can expect to hear from the relator after the May/June meeting.



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