The following policies instruct, define and manage issues and events in the Synod. To view or print a policy, please click on the policy name:

  1. Sexual Abuse Policy and Procedures for Clergy, Diaconal Ministers and Staff of the Synod of Alberta and the Territories.
  2. Policy and Guidelines Relating to Harassment of Clergy, Employees and Volunteer Leaders and Congregational Members
  3. Worship Guidelines for Pastors, Congregations and Ministries
  4. Statement of Covenant between The Evangelical Lutheran Church of Colombia and Synod of Alberta and the Territories of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada
  5. Care for Chemically-Dependent Church Professionals
  6. Short Term Disability/Sick Leave/Parental Leave – New in 2017 – changes to these policies can be found at the ELCIC Group Services website, here: www.elcicgsi.ca
  7. Sabbatical-Policy
  8. GOVERNANCE MANUAL – with September 2019 updates
  9. Travel Expense Policy
  10. ABT – Nomination and Election of Delegates National Convention


National Church Policies

ELCIC Sexual Abuse Policy

Policy for Protection of Children, Youth and Other Vulnerable People: Policy document

Protection of Children, Youth and Other Vulnerable People: protection policy forms

An Introduction to the ELCIC Policy for Protection: Introduction Document – Policy for Protection