Model Congregational Constitution and Bylaws

Please see below for links to information to assist with Congregational Constitution and Bylaw updates.

From the Synod Council’s Constitution & Bylaws Committee:

A special thank-you to all the congregations who have gone through their Constitution and Bylaws reviews so far.

For those Congregations who are still in process or about to begin the process, just a few notes on making this a more streamlined process for your congregation, the Synod Council’s Congregation Constitutional Review Committee, as well as Synod Council.

1. Please be encouraged to use the New Model Constitution & Bylaws from here onward.
2. Any questions you may have of the New Model can be addressed to the Chairperson of the Synod Council Committee, Rev. John Lentz,  The Committee will endeavour to answer questions as best they can.
3. Please make sure you download the Synod Constitution & Bylaws Worksheet for the New Model to use for your process.  Any insertions (such as, e.g., voting age), or amendments to Bylaws can easily be done using the worksheet.
4. When sending your copy of the New Model, please send to Rev. John Lentz at  When you do, please also send contact information.
5. Once your Constitution & Bylaws have been accepted by the Synod Committee, it will be recommended to the Synod Council for approval.
6. Once approved the Synod Committee will help you through the final steps.


Model Constitution and Bylaws ABT Synod Process.pdf

Model Constitution and Bylaws for Congregations 2017

INFORMATION GUIDE for Model Constitution 2017.pdf