Prayer and Devotions

Evangelical Lutheran Worship explains and encourages us to participate in a daily ritual of deliberate prayer;


From the gathering around word and sacrament on the first day of the week, Christians are sent by God to continue their worship each day through lives of service. St. Paul’s guidance to “pray without ceasing… for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you” (1 Thess. 5:17-18) suggests that the Christian life is prayer: openness to the presence of God, responsiveness to the word of God, recognition that all of life is in Christ, and engagement in care for one another and for the whole creation. Daily prayer is a gift that nourishes growth toward living all of daily life in prayer.Evening and morning are primary times for common prayer in various faith traditions. For Christians, Evening Prayer and Morning Prayer have an additional dimension, calling to mind Christ’s passage through death to resurrection. As evening comes, we look to the light of Christ that scatters the darkness, even as we anticipate the great awakening of the resurrection. With the rising sun, we praise God for the resurrection of Jesus Christ, and we ask the Holy Spirit’s help in taking up the cross to follow Jesus into another day. Night Prayer offers a time to acknowledge both the gifts and the failings of each day, and we commend ourselves and the whole world into God’s hands as night comes.

(Evangelical Lutheran Worship, copyright 2006, Augsburg Fortress, Minneapolis, MN, page 295)

Various resources are available to you either in the ELW or the Lutheran Book of Worship, under the heading Daily Prayer .
Below are some links to other resources that you may find helpful for your daily time of reflection. The Anglican/Lutheran Cycle of Prayer includes names of both our Anglican and Lutheran neighbours and groups.

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