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Congregational Life Event 2017 – Worship – When Ruins Rejoice

Thank you to everyone who attended the 2017 Congregational Life Event – Worship – When Ruins Rejoice

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Registration deadline: March 20


$45.00 per person for the first 6 participants from a congregation/parish
$35.00 per person if more than six participants from a congregation/parish attend.

Poster and info page: 2017 Congregational Life event

All members of congregations are invited to a day of discussion, learning and fellowship on Saturday, March 25, 2017 at Good Shepherd Lutheran Church – 40 Holmes Street, Red Deer

In 2017 Lutherans around the world are commemorating the 500th anniversary of the Reformation by lifting up, in diverse ways, the theme “Liberated by God’s grace”. One of the legacies of the Reformation was to liberate the voice of the worshiping assembly. The 16th century saw a flowering of hymnody and a renewal of congregational singing through the efforts of a new generation of hymn writers and church reformers. In the 21st century the spirit of the Reformation has continued through the work of many individuals and organizations focused on reviving and strengthening congregational singing.

The 2017 Congregational Life Workshop, “Worship: When Ruins Rejoice”, will explore what it means to worship and break forth together into singing amidst the “ruins” of the contemporary church – diminished in numbers compared to generations past – yet enjoined to sing with joy and look for the new thing God is doing. What does it mean for the church today to sing together with joy? How can we draw on the resources of the past as we move into God’s future? What new thing are we being called to build in our worship life?

Keynote Speaker: Paul Vasile

Paul Vasile is the Executive Director of Music That Makes Community. He is a freelance church musician, consultant, and composer based in New York City. A multitalented musician and dynamic worship leader, he is committed to building, renewing, and re-shaping faith communities through music and liturgy. He is excited to help congregations broaden their repertoire of sung prayer and praise, and to demonstrate how participatory music and liturgy can energize and unify worshippers from varied backgrounds, cultures, and traditions. Paul is passionate about modeling and sharing leadership practices that sustain the musical and spiritual life of faith communities.

Music That Makes Community is a contemporary nonprofit organization working with ecumenical communities and leaders to empower and liberate communities’ spiritual life through singing. MMC has developed and teaches an oral-tradition, paperless song leading practice grounded in a theology of welcome and generosity. The conviction of MMC, grounded in the Reformers’ doctrine of the “priesthood of all believers”, is that all people have a voice that needs to be heard.


Proclamation with Power: Proclaiming the word of scripture with intentionality and authenticity  – Rev. Dr. Laura Holck

Scripture is the Living Word. It is alive with power and potential to transform the lives of all who hear. Experience a Gospel text delivered with power and authenticity; not read, but lived as it is delivered. Then discover how to transform your own scripture proclamation, keeping the Word alive for all who hear.

Words for Worship – RevDaranne Harris

Bring your spirit of discovery to this time of exploring who we believe God to be and how God relates to our world. Together we will play with words and rhythms and sounds that express our ideas and shape the personal and corporate experience of encountering God in worship. We will touch on prayer and other aspects of the liturgy.

This is the Night! – Robyn Simpson-Mohr and Rev. Kristian Wold

The Easter Vigil is the central celebration of the church’s life. This is the night, we sing, when God led the children of Israel out of slav’ry to freedom. On this night all believers are renewed in grace, and restored again to holiness. For this is the night when Christ burst the chains of death, rising to life in triumph. How can we bring all the creative resources of our communities to worship on this night – music, arts, and drama? Learn how this can become a family-friendly, dramatically rich event with a spirit of informal dignity and playful solemnity.

Letter of Call Documents – for Congregational Chairpersons and Treasurers – Lisa Thiessen, Executive Director of ELCIC Group Services.

This informational workshop is particularly aimed at Congregational Chairpersons, Treasurers and rostered leaders. Lisa was present at the Study Conference in February and shared information on the new Letter of Call Documents at that event. This will be a repeat presentation of the proposed changes which are planned to take effect in 2018.

Worship Resource tableCarolyn Ethier, Chair of ABT Synod Worship and Arts Ministry Team

New to this event will be an  ecumenical resource display table.  Materials supplemental to the ELW, as well as from Iona, GIA, and Reformed Worship will be available to view. A list of the resources will be available, and Carolyn will be there to answer questions during breaks and lunch.

WORKSHOPS: will be offered in the morning and repeated in the afternoon so each participant may attend two during the day.

8:30 am       Registration
9:00 am       Opening Worship
9:15 am        Bishop’s Word
9:30 am       Keynote #1
10:30 am     Refreshment Break
10:45 am     Breakout Sessions #1
12:00 pm     Lunch
1:00 pm       Breakout Sessions #2
2:15 pm        Refreshment Break
2:30 pm       Keynote #2
3:30 pm       Closing Worship
4:00 pm       Sending