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Entering the Next 500 Years! The Reformation Today and Tomorrow

Lutherans and Catholics are commemorating the 500 Years of Reformation together! In the keynote sessions, we will explore the reasons for an ecumenical commemoration of the Reformation, what such a commemoration signifies today, and what it means for us and for Gospel witness going forward.

Keynote speaker: The Rev. Dr. Dirk Lange, Associate Dean of Graduate Theological Education, Fredrik A. Schiotz Chair of Mission and Professor of Worship at Luther Seminary, St. Paul MN

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Disclaimer from the Study Conference Planning Ministry Team regarding the choice of a place to hold the opening worship and reception:

Various options were explored as a result of concerns expressed in the evaluations recieved after the last Study Conference. As a result, the Study Conference Planning Ministry Team has determined that:

  • It is not preferable to hold these events at the hotel/conference centre because it isn’t an ideal atmosphere for worship, but more importantly, it means paying conference rental rates for another full day. The priority is to keep costs to an absolute minimum, in order to have the conference be as accessible to the most number of people, including retired Rostered Leaders.
  • For the past few years Shepherd of the Valley Lutheran Church (an LC-C congregation) has been used as is fairly close to the Coast Hotel, and available for a donation of $200.  This facility, though generously opened to us, has been somewhat awkward to use for the reception, however,  as it is not really adequate for a group of over 150 people.  
  • The Anglican Church, the United Church and the Catholic Church in Canmore were all contacted to see of their availability to hold the opening worship and reception.  The Anglican Church is already booked on Monday evenings, the United Church is very small, and the Catholic Church does not wish other church groups use their sanctuary.  Other churches in Canmore are farther away from the hotel.
  • Canmore Miners’ Union Hall was also contacted but it’s not available on Monday evenings and the rent is expensive. 

In light of these results, it was decided to continue meeting at Shepherd of the Valley Lutheran Church.  We will make every effort to organize the serving of food and the provision of places to sit for the best use of the space available.