2018 Synod Convention Registration

Online registration forms: REGISTRATION IS NOW CLOSED

  • Convention Delegates (including youth and alternate delegates), Invited Guests (keynote speaker, Bishop, etc.), Synod Staff and Council members: REGISTER HERE. Deadline for registration: April 1, 2018
  • Convention visitors: VISITORS REGISTER HERE Deadline for registration: May 1, 2018

Delegates and Voting Membership of Convention

The involvement of every congregation is vital to the ministry of our diversified synod and is encouraged in Article VI, Section 3:

“Every congregation of the synod shall choose a delegate or delegates to represent it at conventions of the synod and at meetings of the conference to which the congregation is assigned in accordance with procedures as defined in the bylaws of the synod.  An alternate or alternates may act in the stead of the delegate or delegates in the event of their absence.”

Part V, Section 3 of the Synod Bylaws defines the voting membership of the convention as:

  1. a) One lay delegate from each congregation, and from congregations having more than 300 baptized members, one lay delegate for each additional 200 baptized members. A congregation is entitled  to one extra voting delegate if that person is between the ages of 16 and 22 years as of December 31 of the convention year.
  2. b) ordained ministers on the roster of this synod; and
  3. c) diaconal ministers on the roster of this synod;
  4. d) all lay members of synod council.

A separate registration form must be completed for each rostered, lay, alternate and youth delegate, as well as volunteers and visitors wishing to attend the convention. The delegate/alternate/youth registration deadline for Synod convention is April 1, 2018. There will be no walk-in registrations accepted at the convention; please make sure that your rostered and lay delegates elected at your annual general meetings fill out and submit the online form by April 1st.

Invoices for convention fees were mailed to each congregation in December, 2017. All convention fees must be sent in to the Synod office by June 1, 2018. If you need another copy of your invoice, please email Synod bookkeeper, Sheryl Burry at bookkeeper@albertasynod.ca.

Congregational Convention Fee

Many rostered leaders who are employed outside of the parish, such as chaplains, camp directors, and retired rostered leaders, find that attending the convention comes with significant personal expense. As a result, the 1998 Synod Convention resolved that:

Congregational fees for conventions of the Synod of Alberta and the Territories shall be based on the formula: convention costs (including non-parish and retired rostered leader delegates) divided by the total number of synod confirmed membership, times each congregation’s number of confirmed members.

Therefore, based on the information from the last parochial report statistics your congregation submitted to the national church office, a convention fee for your congregation was determined.

Your congregation’s registration fee covers all eligible delegates (lay, active and retired rostered leaders) from your congregation to attend the convention, and provides housing for out-of-town delegates at Augustana University, as well as all meals (including one banquet ticket for each delegate) and a travel equalization of $.12/km if travelling one way from outside a 200 km radius of the Convention.

Convention fees do not cover the cost of hotel or motel accommodations; if delegates choose to stay at alternate accommodations, their congregation will be eligible for a rebate of $30.00 per night per delegate.

Visitor Convention Fees and Registration

Visitors are welcome to attend the convention for a fee of $45. This gives them the privilege of booking a dorm room at the Convention rate (at their own expense), and welcomes them to the refreshment tables. Visitors are encouraged to download a copy of the Bulletin of Reports from the Synod website  that they may refer to during the sessions. Visitor registration deadline is May 1, 2018.

Visitors are encouraged to download a copy of the Bulletin of Reports from the Synod website (albertasynod.ca/convention/synod-convention/bullet…) that they may refer to during the sessions. Banquet tickets ($50.00 each) may be purchased from the Synod office. Details about meal costs and other information will be available on the Synod website (albertasynod.ca/convention/synod-convention/ ) March, 2018.

If you are attending as a visitor, please consider volunteering for a shift (or more), as a steward, in the area of worship, or at the registration check-in table. Your meal(s) during your time spent actively volunteering will be paid by the convention. Please contact Convention Manager Wendy Christensen-Grosfield at wendy@albertasynod.ca if you are able to offer your services.

If you have any questions about the registration process or in filling the forms, please contact the Synod office; 780-439-2636



U of A, Augustana Campus, interactive map: augustana_campus

U of A, Agustana Campus website: information

City of Camrose website: www.camrose.ca/