Synod Convention

The Fifteenth Biennial Convention
of the
Synod of Alberta and the Territories
Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada
June 19 – 21, 2014
University of Alberta, Augustana Campus; Camrose, Alberta

The Fifteenth Biennial Convention will be held June 19 – 2, 2014 at University of Alberta – Augustana Campus, Camrose  (4901 – 46 Avenue).
Together we will worship, receive reports on the life of the church in this Synod, conduct the necessary business, and support each other in ministry.

Our theme, “Living Worship – Shaping Life…In the Potter’s Hand” provided the planners with wonderful images of congregations and individuals who are shaped by the gospel. In scripture, the idea of the Potter as God and we as clay, is a vivid image an image of being changed…in transition…molded…into entities God can use.
The theme alludes to a church willing to let God mold!
Our worship life is a big part of being in the Potter’s Hand – worship that changes and shapes. Be prepared to be inspired, encouraged and laugh.

Alan J. Roxburgh, teacher, trainer, author of several books and president of the Missional Network, (an international group of practitioners and academics committed to partnership with missional churches and leaders), will introduce the missional church concept in three keynote presentations. Michael Harvey, author of “Back to Church Sunday”, will surprise you with your church’s potential in his Saturday presentation. The election of a synodical bishop and secretary will be highlights, along with a celebratory banquet and uplifting worship.

The West Central Conference will host the Convention, providing cookies (!) and many of the volunteers.
If you are able to assist, please contact Pastor John Lentz, the Dean of the West Central Conference at 780, 403, 556-8811 or drop him a note at

The involvement of every congregation is vital to the ministry of our diversified synod and is encouraged in Article VI, Section 3:

“Every congregation of the synod shall choose a delegate or delegates to represent it at conventions of the synod and at meetings of the conference to which the congregation is assigned in accordance with procedures as defined in the bylaws of the synod. An alternate or alternates may act in the stead of the delegate or delegates in the event of their absence.”

Part V, Section 3 of the Synod Bylaws defines the voting membership of the convention as:

a) One lay delegate from each congregation, and from congregations having more than 300 baptized members, one lay delegate for each additional 200 baptized members. A congregation is entitled to one extra voting delegate if that person is between the ages of 16 and 22 years as of  December 31 of the convention year.
b) ordained ministers on the roster of this synod; and c) diaconal ministers on the roster of the synod;
d) all lay members of synod council.

The fees for each congregation are based upon the following Convention-approved formula:

“…convention costs (including non-parish and retired clergy delegates) divided by the total number of synod confirmed membership times each congregation’s number of confirmed members.”

The confirmed membership figure is based on the last parochial report submitted by each congregation to the national office of the ELCIC.

The registration fee includes all eligible delegates from your congregation and provides housing for  out-of-town delegates, meals (including one banquet ticket for each delegate) and travel equalization. A letter advising each congregation of their registration fee will be forwarded directly to each congregation in December.

The Members of the Local Arrangements Planning Committee:

Pastor Kathleen Calkins
Marilyn Murray
Gail Kaiser
Walter Goos
Gail Berg
Pastor Marc Jerry
Colleen McGinnis
Pastor Mike Wellman
Pastor John Lentz
Sharon Villetard (synod office)

The 2014 Synod Convention planning is well underway; please note that it is shorter than in previous years.

A letter has been sent to each congregation outlining convention fees and the number of delegates they are allowed to send.  As well, all as rostered leaders not currently in call to a congregation, and retired rostered leaders, have received an information letter and registration form in the mail at their home or place of work.

If you have not received this letter by March 1, 2014, or are unsure of your congregation’s fee, please contact the Synod office.

Delegates information will be mailed out to each individual by the end of April.

For other organiztions: please contact Sharon Villetard for display requests –


Information for Delegates:

A package of information was mailed out on May 16; if you have not received it, please contact the Synod office.

Convention cover letter

Registration Information Letter

Augustana map

Biographical Information for Nominations

Calling a Bishop

Petition Form

Eccumenical Greetings

Expense reqisition form

Service of Blessing 2014 

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