Compensation Guidelines

Salary Guidelines apply to rostered leaders of the ABT Synod.

The other benefits and related recommendations apply to all those subject to the ELCIC pension and benefits plans – both rostered and lay members of the plans.

There is a significant change related to the process for tax witholding on housing allowances. The form referred to is attached.


For rostered persons expecting to receive a tax-exempt cash housing allowance in 2016 please be aware that Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) will require such persons to file Form T1213 (Request to Reduce Tax Deductions at Source) in order to have the amount excluded from monthly withholding of tax at source.

In order for a rostered person to qualify for reduced tax at source they must qualify for the “Clergy Residence Deduction” Persons must submit Form T1213 to CRA in advance and receive written approval from CRA to have their housing allowance excluded from tax withholding by their employer.

Application should be made in October to allow CRA sufficient time to provide a response in advance of the 2016 tax year. A copy of the written approval must be given to the employer to authorize them to exclude the housing allowance from income tax withholding at source.

Application for this reduction is required each year. Persons who receive accommodation (parsonage) rather than a cash allowance ARE NOT required to submit Form T1213.

Winnipeg Tax Centre
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Winnipeg, MB R3C 3M2

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The 2017 harmonized compensation guidelines were approved at National Church Council on September 9, 2016. The harmonized sections of the compensation guideline include:  vacation, leave of absence, ELCIC Pension, Group Benefits and Continuing Education Plans as well as book and travel allowance/reimbursement. It also includes the sick policy and parental leave policy.

Please note that it is not the intention to diminish any employee’s current entitlements due to the harmonization process. Transitional considerations need to be given on a case by case basis.

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